Saturday, December 13, 2014

I should have gone earlier in the day

But I just felt like sleeping in a little bit, so after that, I decided that I wanted my morning cup of coffee and then there was breakfast and I never got around to my morning bike ride until 9:43 in the morning.  And that made all the difference in the world as there were too many people on my chosen route of the Thompson Creek Trail this morning.

To the couple walking their dog.  Do you have to take up the entire trail?  That's why there's a center stripe in the trail to indicate the two lanes of the trail.  Then, when you hear me say "on your left," instead of moving your dog over so I can pass safely, you turn around and give me a look as if to say, "Who the heck are you?"  Only when I come to a full stop do you then move your dog out of the way.

To the woman who was walking on the right hand side coming toward me.  Was it necessary to cross over on to my side to continue your walk?  At this point, I have no idea what you're going to do since you're not looking ahead at all, but looking at your feet, so I have no choice but to slow down to an almost dead stop until I know I can pass you without having you veer suddenly into my lane.

To the the numerous people who don't clean up after their dogs.  Seriously?  The city puts dooty bags along the trail.  You couldn't grab one on the beginning of your walk so you clean up after your dog?  Don't tell me it's coyote scat.  I know what coyote scat looks like and that's no coyote scat.  And, you didn't even bother to at least have your dog crap on the side of the trail instead of right in the middle of it.

To the guy standing at the side of the trail.  This is the third time I've passed you in the past month while you were standing there shooting the breeze with your friends and your dog was on leash.  This is also the third time your dog has lunged at me as I've ridden by and the third time you've looked surprised that that has happened.  I call BS on that look.  If your dog lunged at me, then we all know it lunges at other bike riders.  Keep a better rein on your dog.

Rant over.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Sometimes I find these kind of posts are some of the most therapeutic. Things need to be said. It truly makes me wonder sometimes what people are thinking -- or if they are thinking at all. As for those who don't clean up after their dogs... seriously, people, just clean it up.

    1. Agreed wholeheartedly. Some people are just thoughtless.