Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Yes, I can say it.  I've finally drunk the Kool-Aid and am now posting photos on Instagram.  I blame my daughter.  Well, I'd actually been thinking about it for awhile before that, but when I was up visiting over Veteran's Day weekend, I finally got around to downloading the app onto my iPad and have been playing around with it ever since.

I don't believe for an instant that this will ever replace my DSLR camera.  In fact, I still want to upgrade that sometime in the near future, but it's fun to take a couple of shots, play around with the different settings and then post them.  Just something else that I need in my life right?

If you're interesting in following me, you can find me by clicking on the link.  Right now, there's only a modest collection of shots, nothing to write home about, but I actually like this one I've posted here.


  1. I sent a request to follow you.

    I love Instagram. I know it will never replace my camera, but I'm more apt to go somewhere with just my iPhone and not worry about lugging the camera all the time. It's been fun in that regard. One other fun one is Hipstamatic ...

    1. We're following each other now, only just don't expect too much. The iPad is cumbersome and until I upgrade my OS on my desktop, I won't be posting as many shots. Once I upgrade, I should be able to post photos taken with the DSLR to iCloud and then to Instagram.